Yeah field trip

is a full blown creative retreat for photographers, entrepreneurs, adventurers and anyone else looking to get more out of life. This was my second time attending the annual retreat and this time it was under the beautiful stars in the near barren desert of Marfa, Texas. I became friends with many amazingly creative humans from all around the world and danced like there’s no tomorrow next to artists I’ve looked up to for years. Here are a few words from an Instagram post I made that sums it up a little bit.

I’m having trouble finding the words to describe this Field Trip. Words like incredible, magical, life-changing, exciting, fun, and inspiring all touch on it but don’t do it justice. I didn’t just find tips on how to be a better business owner or photographer, or breathing techniques to enter states of mind I previously thought inaccessible (although I did also learn these things). I found myself. As a person, and as an artist. I found myself alongside dozens of strangers and friends in a shared experience of love, dancing, harsh truths, and genuine connection in a way I’ve only experienced once before. I became friends with photographers and artists making some of the most incredible work I’ve ever seen. Groundbreaking art that you can’t help but stand in awe at. And the thing is, they’re just people too. They’re just really dope people with beautiful minds and hearts out in the world creating art that gives them life.

I’m going to add more pictures and tell more stories of my experience throughout the year. One because I like the pictures and two because consistently updating this forces me to think about the memories in hopes that I’ll remember the nuances of those four days 60 years down the road.